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Organic Spirulina

  • 100% Natural Spirulina in tablets
  • From Oonaiyur, South India
  • Helping during a diet
  • Reinforce the immune system
  • Available in 50g and 120g

                     Certification sans gluten Spiruline        Spiruline certifiées sans OGM        Certification Vegan pour la spirulinei Valebio

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  • 120 g
  • 250g

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This blue/green spiral microalga is well known in the entire world thanks to its various benefits. Spirulina comes from the lakes and dried in a pure open air. Then, it’s transformed into powder, flakes or tablets.

Valebio’s Spirulina will help you during a diet to lose weight, but also increase your tonus and the vitality and reinforce the immune system. In a natural environment, the Spirulina can absorb all kinds of impurities. That is why it is well controlled during all the process of fabrication, to prevent all sorts of pollution or non-wanted bacteria, and guarantee you the best quality.


Name Spirulina or Spirulina platensis
DESCRIPTION Antioxidant blue/green microalga discovered 3 billion years ago.
FROM Oonaiyur, South India
QUALITy Certified 100% Natural – Gluten Free – Vegan – No ionized
POSOLOGy Treatment – Culinary or cosmetic recipes
CONTRaINDICATIONS Do not take more than 6g (12 pills) per day – Do not take it if you are taking anticoagulant drug.
packaging 50g or 120g bags
preservation The protective food film inside the packaging protects the Spirulina from the light and the humidity in order to preserve its nutritional properties.

learn more about valebio's spirulina

1er avantage de la spiruline valebio 100% Natural
2eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Good for Vegans
3eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Gluten Free
4eme avantage dans notre spiruline Valebio GMO Free
5eme avantage pour notre spiruline valebio Pollution Free

Valebio’s Spirulina is part of the only ones having a high phycocianine rate of 16%. The phycocianine gives the blue/green color. Also, it is the only blue colorant authorized in Europe. But it is also a sign of quality meaning that higher is the rate, higher is the quality.

for whom?

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Sportsperson Vegans Everyone
Spirulina is a food supplement that can be taken every day to gain in energy and vitality.

Spirulina is composed of many nutriments, including vitamin B12 usually found in meat.

Spirulina helps maintaining the immune system.


Nutrient Nutritional Values
per 100g
Unite of
Daily Dose
Energy Value 380 g 11,4 0,57%
Fat 5,5 g 0,165 0,24%
Saturated Fat Acides 2,27 g 0,0681 0,34%
Insaturated 3,23 g 0,0969 38,76%
Carbohydrates 20 g 0,6 0,23%
2 g 0,06 0,07%
Proteins 62,5 g 1,875 3,75%
Salt 2158 mg 64,74 1,08%
Vitamin B12 0,2 mg 0,006 240,00%
Vitamin K (anti-AVK) 1 mg 0,03 40%

quality standards

Tests and organic analysis are made during all the process to control the microalga quality in every step. The production process answers to the demands of ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 22000 (Food Product Security Management) standards controlled by the “Veritas Office”. Unlike some Spirulina, Valebio’s one is cultivated without any chemical products or fertilizer but with certified organic nutrients.

the packaging

La spiruline Valebio a de nombreuses vertus conservées par notre packaging adapté

Spirulina is fragile. Therefore, we made a packaging capable of protecting Spirulina from losing its properties during its preservation. Since Spirulina is sensitive to the light and its variations, we chose a packaging that would protect it from the external environment. In order to do this, a protective food film is put into the packaging so the light cannot penetrate.

guidance for a proper use of spirulina

La spiruline Valebio est disponible en comprimés
Spirulina can really do anything! You can use it for cooking, cosmetics or as a treatment.


For a better iron assimilation by your body, we advise you to consume vitamin C (orange, acerola…). It helps boosting Spirulina effects. You can find some recipes made with Spirulina or fruits having a high amount of vitamin C. Experts advise to consume between 2 and 4g (4 to 8 pills) per day. The best is to start the treatment with 2 pills a day for one week and then increase the dose up to 8 pills per day. You can also take Spirulina occasionally when an intense sport session is waiting for you or during a period of stress. In any case, your treatment must have some breaks because Spirulina detoxifies your organism and can cause headaches and some intestinal troubles.


Use some Spirulina in your drinks or meals! Here are some ideas of home-made recipes. To make them you can buy the ingredients in your usual shop but it tastes better for your body and your taste bud if you buy organic food!

recette1.png recette2.png recette3.png recette4.png

the Origin and production process of spirulina


L'origine de la spiruline valebio It is only in 1939 that this alga has been discovered. But the legend says otherwise. Indeed, Spirulina would have been here since the creation of life on Earth and would have been the first link of the food chain. Spirulina was used by Aztecs and Incas. They were the first peoples to know how to cultivate and eat Spirulina in their diet. But once they were colonized by the Conquistadors, they stopped the farming. Then, Spirulina was no longer used. We had to wait until 1939 in Chad to use it again. There, the alga was harvested and transformed into dried galette and eaten as a dessert. Meanwhile, in Mexico, the Sosa Texcoco Company had to stop its activity because a mysterious alga was blocking the establishment on the lake. Since then, biologists and doctors never stopped studied this microalga. Indeed, Spirulina could be an answer on the long-term to stop starvation in the entire world but it also could be use as food in the space stations.

production process

Schema du processus des cultures de la spiruline Valebio

Culture de la spiruline valebio dans les bassins

Our 100% Organic Spirulina is cultivated with only organic nutrients certified by Ecocert. Water is poured in the pond to treat and grow the alga. Once the alga is mature, quality tests are made on Spirulina. The Spirulina is washed and rinse three times to remove the impurities. Then it is being dried at low temperature to keep all the good nutrients. The alga is being transformed either in tablets or powder. Finally, the Spirulina is being tested one last time for an irreproachable quality.