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  • 100% Natural Klamath
  • From USA
  • Available in 25g and 50g

                     Gluten Free certification for Valebio's klamath         OGM Free For valebio's klamath        Vegan certification for Valebio's klamath

15,50 €


  • 20g
  • 60g

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3eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Gluten Free
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The Klamath is a micro-alga cultivated at its natural state in the Klamath lake in Oregon, USA. It grows in a perfect ecosystem: clear water with a nutral pH and circulation water thanks to 17 natural waterfalls. This natural symbiosis allows the alga to grow and to offer many nutrients.
Valebio's Klamath is sold in tablets so you can do a treatment. It is a food supplement.

Name Klamath
FROM Oregon, USA
QUALITy Certified 100% Natural – Gluten Free – Vegan
POSOLOGy Treatment
CONTRaINDICATIONS Not recommanded for pregnant women and nursing mothers
packaging 25g or 50g bags
preservation The protective food film inside the packaging protects the Spirulina from the light and the humidity in order to preserve its nutritional properties.

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Nutrient Nutritional Values
for 6 tablets
Unite of
Energy Value 12 kcal
Proteins 2,097 g
Vitamin B2 0,0075 mg
Omega 3 0,096 g
Carbohydrates 0,57 g
Vitamin B12 0,042 µg
Vitamin D 3,75 µg
Vitamin A 4,5 µg
Phenyletylamine 0,0336 g

the packaging

klamath bio organic valebio
Klamath is fragile. Therefore, we made a packaging capable of protecting it from losing its properties during its preservation. Since Klamath is sensitive to the light and its variations, we chose a packaging that would protect it from the external environment. In order to do this, a protective food film is put into the packaging so the light cannot penetrate.

guidance for a proper use of klamath


We advise you to take a 1-2 months treatment with 1 to 3g per day, meaning between 2 and 6 tablets daily.

the Origin of klamath

klamath valebioThe Klamath would be the first bacteria to appear on earth!
It would have been born 3.5 billions years ago, right after the Big Bang. Klamath grows on the Klamath lake in Oregon, United States. It can only grow in a specific environment including a pure water, nutral pH and water circulation. Located at 1262 metres in altitude, this lake is the only place in the world where Klamath can grow.
Several old documents can testify of its ancient use. Indeed, according to these, Chinese doctors used it around 5000 BC for its vertues. But it is only in 1976 that the Klamath is sold on the market. Back then, Daryl Kollman discovers it with its benefits. In 1982, he found a society in order to extract it from the lake and starts to exploit it.