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Mulberry Organic

  • 100% Organic Mulberry
  • From Turkey
  • Available in 50g and 120g 

          French organic label for mulberries        European Organic Certification for Valebio's mulberries       Gluten Free certification for Valebio's mulberries        OGM Free For valebio's mulberries        Vegan certification for Valebio's mulberries

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  • 120 g
  • 10 kg

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physalis organic bio valebio
Mulberries have a very nice flavor. The fruit is sweet, so you can use it in desserts: pastries, tarts... Their soft and slightly sweet taste allows you to multiply its employments!

Name Mulberries
DESCRIPTION Dried fruits
FROM Turkey
QUALITy Certified 100% Organic – Gluten Free – Vegan
POSOLOGy Recipes
packaging 50g or 120g bags
preservation The protective food film inside the packaging protects the Spirulina from the light and the humidity in order to preserve its nutritional properties.

learn more about valebio's mulberries

1er avantage de la spiruline valebio 100% Organic
2eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Good for Vegans
3eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Gluten Free
4eme avantage dans notre spiruline Valebio Pollution Free
5eme avantage pour notre spiruline valebio Tasty and Sweet
  • Mulberries' main asset is certainly their high content of vitamin C and iron. They are rich of these two assets, but also of proteins, and other vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements. So the consumption of the fruit is quite recommended to fight against fatigue and for very active people: executives, students in the exam period or athletes.


Nutrient Nutritional Values
per 100g
Unite of
Energy Value 347,6 kcal
Proteins 9,57 g
Fibers 11,3 g
Lipids 2,59 g
Carbohydrates 65,1 g
Iron 12,3 mg
Vitamin B2 0,6 mg
Calcium 259 mg

the packaging

Physalis are fragile. Therefore, we made a packaging capable of protecting them from losing its properties during its preservation. Since Physalis are sensitive to the light and its variations, we chose a packaging that would protect them from the external environment. In order to do this, a protective food film is put into the packaging so the light cannot penetrate.

guidance for a proper use of Mulberries

physalis valebio organic bio

To beneficiate of all their advantages, consume 2-5 tablespoons of dried mulberries daily.


You can cook the Mulberry by adding some fruits in your breakfast or your juice. Its taste is pleasant and the fruit will accompany with delight your muffins, yoghurt or porridge.
Here are some tasty recipes you can make with Mulberries:

recette1.png recette2.png recette2.png

the Origin of mulberries

physalisMulberries are among the superfruits! They grow on the white ripe and are multicolored. If the most common are white, there are yellow, pink and purple. The name "white ripe" comes from the buds of the tree having this color.
The white ripe has been growing for more than 5,000 years in China, not for its fruit but for its leaves so the silkworms could be fed. Also, there are many white ripes in Ardèche. Indeed the region is known for its production of silk. The history of the mulberry is linked to the spice road's history. Indeed the fruits chose the same way to reach Arab countries before spreading in the Mediterranean basin.
White ripe is cultivated for its fruit since the beginning of the 20th century only! Their taste is not like the blackberries that we know. The berries are sweet and delicious!