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Organic Goji Berry

  • 100% Organic Goji Berries
  • From Tibet
  • Available in 50g and 150g

       French organic label for Goji berries        European Organic Certification for Valebio's Goji Berries       Gluten Free certification for Valebio's goji berries       OGM Free For valebio's goji berries       Vegan certification for Valebio's Goji berries

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  • 150g
  • 500g
  • 10kg

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IDENTITY CARD OF goji berries


The Goji berry is a small red fruit with a pleasant taste. It is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and has a strong antioxidant. Consumed in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, it will become your beauty and healthy ally.


Name Goji Berry, Wolf Berry
DESCRIPTION Dried fruits
FROM Tibet
QUALITy Certified 100% Organic – Gluten Free – Vegan
POSOLOGy Treatment – Culinary recipes
CONTRaINDICATIONS The persons receiving an anticoagulant treatment cannot consume it, as well as pregnant women.
packaging 50g or 150g bags
preservation The protective food film inside the packaging protects the Spirulina from the light and the humidity in order to preserve its nutritional properties.

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1er avantage de la spiruline valebio 100% Organic
2eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Good for Vegans
3eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Gluten Free
4eme avantage dans notre spiruline Valebio Pollution Free
5eme avantage pour notre spiruline valebio Tasty

Thanks to its high content of carotenoids and polysaccharides, the Goji Berry is a powerful antioxidant. It’s an ally to the youthfulness of your body. It is also effective in the fight against stress and anxiety and promotes a good sleep.


Nutrient Nutritional Values
per 100g
Unite of
Energy Value 343,9 kcal
Proteins 11,8 g
Fibers 7,78 g
Phosphore 203 mg
Carbohydrates 58 g
Vitamin C 22,7 mg
Vitamin E 6,53 mg
Vitamin B 21,27 mg
Iron 8,42 mg

the packaging

Goji Berries are fragile. Therefore, we made a packaging capable of protecting them from losing its properties during its preservation. Since Goji Berries are sensitive to the light and its variations, we chose a packaging that would protect them from the external environment. In order to do this, a protective food film is put into the packaging so the light cannot penetrate.

guidance for a proper use of goji berries



The recommended dosage by doctors for significant effects is 30 grams per day for at least three weeks. Beware though, the persons receiving an anticoagulant treatment cannot consume it, as well as pregnant women.


You can cook the Goji Berry by adding some fruits in your breakfast or your juice. Its taste is pleasant and the fruit will accompany with delight your Granola, yoghurt or porridge.
Here are some tasty recipes you can make with Goji Berries:

recette1.png recette2.png recette3.png recette4.png

the Origin of Goji Berries

474-Goji-Berry-Plant.jpg The history of Goji Berries is dotted with real and imagined facts. The Legend says that in the province of Ningxia, where the fruit is especially grown, people do not die before the age of 150 years! It would be even possible to meet old people aged of more than 200 years old who, despite their advanced ages, have as much energy as a 20 year old. The origin of this myth is coming from the composition of the Goji Berry itself. Indeed the fruit is known for its antioxidant properties. It is a conservative youth guarantees for a good longevity. The legend says that Professor Li Ching Yun consumed it every day, which would have allowed him to live 256 years and join the world of the dead without a single white hair. Of course these are stories, if the antioxidant properties of the Goji Berry are recognized, the fruit does not make immortal. Moreover these benefits are only relevant if you consume the Berry as a complement in addition to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The Wolfberry Berries or Goji berries are used in Chinese medicine since 500 BC. The sages believed that she could give immortality and called it the "The Berry of immortals." The name "Goji" is actually the phonetics of the terminology given by the inhabitants of the Himalayas to this fruit. It's the ethnobotanist Bradley Dobos who had chosen it. Today, the Goji berry is consumed in China for its improvement of the "Chi", the primordial vital energy in medicine and Chinese philosophy. In the rest of the world, people use it as a beauty and healthy ally, because it is very rich in essential nutrients to the functioning of the human body.