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  • 100% Organic Açaï Powder
  • From Brazil
  • Available in 45g
  • certif9.png

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  • 100g
  • 1kg

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identity card of acaï


The Acaï is a fruit from an Amazonian palmtree mainly growing in Brazil. This fruit is a little berry which looks just like the blueberry.


Name Acaï
DESCRIPTION Acaï Berries in powder: 99,8% of Acaï and 0,2% of lemon juice
from Brazil
QUALITy Certified 100% Organic and Natural by Ecocert - Gluten Free - Vegan 
POSOLOGy Treatment – Culinary recipes
packaging 45g
preservation The protective food film inside the packaging protects the Spirulina from the light and the humidity in order to preserve its nutritional properties.

learn more about valebio's acaï

1er avantage de la spiruline valebio 100% Organic
2eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Vegan
3eme avantage de la spiruline Valebio Gluten FREE
4eme avantage dans notre spiruline Valebio Powder

Valebio's Acaï is a healthy product for your body since it is not ionized and is cultivated in a responsable way in its native country. 


Nutrient Nutritional Values
per 100g
Unite of
Energy Value 541 kcal
Proteins 9,8 g
Lipids 54 g
Carbohydrates 32 g
Including Sugar 8,96 g

quality rules

acai berry.jpgThis Acaï has never been ionized so we guarantee a 100% natural and organic product, healthy for your body. 
Our Acaï powder is lyophilized, meaning that it went through a dehydration process exclusively made for products sensitive to the heat. This system allows to the product to keep all its nutrients intacts in order to preserve the benefits of these nutrients.

the packaging

La spiruline Valebio a de nombreuses vertus conservées par notre packaging adapté
Acaï is fragile. Therefore, we made a packaging capable of protecting it from losing its properties during its preservation. Since Acaï is sensitive to the light and its variations, we chose a packaging that would protect it from the external environment. In order to do this, a protective food film is put into the packaging so the light cannot penetrate.

guidance for a proper use of acaï

Recently, Acaï is more frequently used in cosmetics for its natural properties. You can mix a bit of a powder into your shampoo or cream. 
In a more traditional way, the Acaï is good in various meals. To do so, add a tablespoon of powder in your Smoothie or your sauce for example.

Here are some tasty recipes you can make with Acaï in powder:

recette1.png recette2.png recette3.png recette4.png

origin and process of production of the acaï

the origin

L'origine de l'abricot valebioAcaï berries are consumed by local people since they appeared. In the 80's, the fruit is more popular due to the surfers whom consume it for its energetic vertues. Nowadays it is eaten by Brezilians who love to taste it in icecream.

the process of fabrication

Sechage des abricots en TurquieOur 100% Organic and Natural Acaï is produced in Brazil, its native country.
Once it has been harvested, the fruit is pasterized and frozen. Then it has to be turn in powder. For that, they use the process of freeze-drying: it removes the humidity from the fruit with a temperature of -20°C. This process allows the fruit to keep its color, its taste and its nutrients.

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  • 100% Organic Açaï Powder
  • From Brazil
  • Available in 45g
  • certif9.png

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