Cranberry, also known as canneberge is generally sold as juice, or as dehydrated fruits. Native to North America, the berry is consumed for its strong antioxidant power.

Women, who are regularly subjected to urinary infections by bacterium E.Coli, also add it to their food. Cranberry helps the body to protect itself from this harm.

What are the benefits of Cranberry ?

What does Cranberry contain ?


This bacterium is responsible for infections mainly affecting women.


Resveratrol is a polyphenol known for its autoxidizing measures. Cranberry contains a lot of Resveratrol than grape juice.

Vitamin Ch4

Cranberry offers a good supply of vitamin C! The consumption of Cranberries is thus recommended for people suffering from chronic or temporary fatigue.

Ursolique Acid

Ursolique acid is present in Cranberry. This molecule helps to fight cancer, by slowing down the development of certain cancer cells in the liver and breasts.

Benefits acknowledged in Cranberry

  • Fight against infections in the urinary system
  • Reduce intestinal disorders
  • Benefit in reducing dental plaque, and protects teeth
  • Helps to fight against certain diseases: Alzheimer, cancers, cardiovascular diseases

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Cranberry: the ideal dietary supplement for women

Cranberry could indeed become the best friend of women. Flavonoids contained in Cranberries helps to fight against cystitis, of which numerous women are victims. Besides, Ursolique acid slows down the development of cancer cells, and thus acts as an ally in fighting against breast cancer.

Cranberry and Sports

The concern of cranberry for sportsmen lies in the antioxidants of the fruit. During practice, the oxygen consumption exposes cells to free radicals that have numerous negative impacts on the body.
Flavonoids and Resveratrol stored in cranberry contribute for their elimination.