Chia Seed Health


The first people known to have consumed the Chia seed are the Aztecs. The latter were convinced that the regular consumption of seeds multiplied their physical abilities in tenfold. And they were right! Today, we know that Chia seeds are rich in proteins, natural fibers and Oméga-3. Its consumption improves sporting achievements, helps to fight against severe cholesterol, and improves bowel function.

What does Chia Seed contain ?


Chia seed is an important source of fibers. One 28 gram portion, that is two tablespoons, contains 11 grams which is 30 % of AJR. Chia Seeds are thus recommended in case of constipation. They also help in preventing cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers (colon, ), and type 2 diabetes. Fibers help to stabilize the blood sugar level.


Two tablespoons, added to your cereal or smoothies for example, amount to 5 grams of proteins, that is between 16 to 25 % of AJR. Its consumption is thus recommended for sportsmen, given the importance of proteins for the functioning and the development of muscles.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Chia Seeds contain between 5 to 8 % of polyunsaturated Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, depending on the harvest period. Omega 3 and 6 intervene in preventing cardiovascular risks, strengthening the immune system and fighting against severe cholesterol. Two tablespoons of Chia Seeds contain AJR between 30 to 34%.

Vitamins and Minerals

Chia Seed is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9 and C; calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. The daily consumption of one or two tablespoons of Chia Seeds is recommended in case of diet, intense fatigue, or other deficiencies.


Who can consume Chia Seed ?

Chia Seed have a strong allergenic power. People allergic to seeds like flex for example, should avoid consuming it. The ideal is to add one-two tablespoons of seeds to your cereal, smoothies or your dishes every day.

Chia Seed: satisfying and low in calories !

Chia Seeds are recommended in case of diet. Its abundance in fiber helps the body to eliminate and stabilize the blood sugar level. Its strong protein content reduces the sensation of hunger, and the presence of numerous vitamins, fills the deficiencies which arise generally during diets aimed at weight loss.

Be warned however, Chia Seed absorbs water, and it will be necessary to drink a lot if you consume it for a cure.

Chia: the seed of sportsmen!

Chia Seed sprinkled on a fruit salad is the ideal snack for sportsman! Amino acids contained in seeds help muscles to recover after practice. The Aztecs consumed them moreover, when they climbed mountains by foot. It helped them to maintain the effort on the long run.

Proteins enable fast muscular recovery and development. Slow carbohydrates in it are ideal for high-level sportsmen, whose practices are often extended. The presence of omega 6 and 3, which helps to fight cardiovascular diseases, is also beneficial in the recurring sports practice.

Do not hesitate to check out all the recipes with Chia Seeds to accompany with all your small dishes, salads up until desserts.