Photographie de la Mulberry, un fruit aux propriétés antioxydantes

We often compare mulberries with Goji berries for their antioxidantal power! These Fruits exist in multitudes of colors. Produced in China for more than 5000 years, the history of mulberries is connected with that of the silk route. The tree was originally cultivated for its leaves, which were a part of the food of the silkworms. This is the way mulberries arrived in Europe, exported for their leaves. It is since the beginning of the XXth century that we consume white mulberry tree fruits.

What does Mulberry contain ?

Vitamins and minerals

Mulberry is rightfully one of the super fruits, these fruits are extremely strong in vitamins and minerals. Mulberry is rich in iron, vitamins C and K, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. It is suitable to fight against fatigue and anemia. Ripe mulberries can be eaten by students during exams, people with multiplying working hours and young moms to improve their shape.



Mulberry distinguishes itself from other super fruits because of its richness in Resveratrol. This compound is active and efficient in fighting against cardiovascular diseases. According to the WHO, it reduces 40 % of cardiovascular risks, due to its anticholesterol and antithrombotic power. Resveratrol also helps in dilating arteries thus preventing arteriosclerosis.
Besides, Resveratrol fastens blood circulation, regulates the level of triglycerides and reduces severe cholesterol. Resveratrol has a strong antioxidantal power that helps cell renewal, and fights against ageing.

Proteins and fibers

Mulberry also contains proteins and fibers. Fibers improve transit, while proteins are beneficial for muscular functioning.

Who can consume Mulberry ?

There are no particular contraindications for consuming mulberry. It is recommended to take 2 to 5 spoons a day, to benefit from all the advantages that it offers. Its sweet flavor, close to that of dried grape, matches perfectly with granolas, fruit salads or various cereals.

To be physically fit, eat Mulberry !


Are you tired? You had enough sleep and nevertheless you are not physically fit? Possibly you are suffering from chronic fatigue, get cured from mulberries! Thanks to its vitamin C content, the mulberry will boost your energy. The daily consumption of the fruit is recommended for students during examinations, for very busy people and for sportsmen.

Benefit from a large number of recipes with Mulberries to accompany with your smoothies, yogurts, breakfasts or desserts.

Mulberry: for a sportsmen’s energy !

Like other numerous super fruits, mulberry is recommended for sportsmen. People practicing a sport regularly and intensively need energy to maintain their efforts. Mulberry contains vitamin C, a real booster of fitness!
It is also rich in iron, an essential compound for the functioning of the human body. The iron, contained in our red blood cells, is disposed from the body via saddles, urines and sweat. A sportsman loses 3 times more iron than a sedentary person, being so; physical effort involves a more perspiration. Consumption of ripe mulberries thus allows to fill up this loss, and avoid deficiencies.