Benefits of the Klamath


Often compared to his cousin spirulina, the Klamath is an alga that grows only in the eponymous lake, located in Oregon. For that the plant grows, it requires a perfect environment and circulating and pure water, with a neutral pH. The Klamath, also called AFA is very rich in nutrients.


What are the benfits of the Klamath ?


What contains the Klamath


115 nutrients


The intake of vitamins and minerals of the Klamath is exceptional! The alga contains not less than 115 nutrients essential to health. It contains among others: vitamins B1, B12 and K, minerals and oligo-elements, amino acids, proteins and omega 3. Consuming the Klamath strengthens the immune system, helps the body to protect itself from the disease, and to fight against the bad cholesterol and infections.




Phenylethylamine is a molecule naturally produced by the brain, which stimulates the pleasure center. The Klamath contains it and is therefore an ally in the fight against stress, depression and anxiety.





The Klamath owes its color to the chlorophyll that it contains. This compound is known for its cleansing properties. It promotes the removal of heavy metals from the body, protects cells from free radicals and detoxifies the body.


The recognized benefits of the Klamath


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Increase of theconcentration and strengthening the nervous system
  • Mood regulation
  • Anti-Aging
  • Detox effects: elimination of heavy metals, blood purification

Please note that the consumption of berries or fruit does not replace a medical treatment.



The Klamath: alga of vegetarians


The Klamath alga is rich in vitamin B12, which is involved in the nervous functioning. In the case of a balanced diet, the B12 is provided by meat, this is why vegetarians often have deficiencies that can lead to disease. Consuming Klamath helps therefore to maintain a sufficient rate for the proper functioning of the brain.


The Klamath is consumed in powder, tablet or pills. Valebio offers many recipes based on the Klamath.


The Klamath and sport


Rich in vitamins B1 and B12, the consumption of the Klamath is recommended for athletes. These two vitamins participate in the mechanism of the production of the energy. It helps to maintain the efforts, and support intensive and prolonged sports activities.