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L'art de l'infusion du thé

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L'acérola vous donne de l'énergie!

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Adoptez la cure Thé Détox!

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Goji Berries, Spirulina, Dried Fruits ..: All the Super Food avaible on Valebio.com

Who are we ?

We are an enthusiastic team concerned with organic products, dietary supplements and antioxidants. Surrounded by healthcare professionals, we are very perceptible to the advantages of preventive medicine and the various virtues that natural products bring. The dietary supplements that we offer you, are carefully chosen, which is why the origin of the production and the organic certifications on every product sheet are clearly depicted.

The virtues of our products

Valebio is an on-line sales site of dietary supplements. These supplements are generally available unprocessed-as dehydrated fruits - or in the form of tablets consisting of 100% natural products.

All available products on valebio.com have autoxidizing virtues that strengthen the immune system, while reducing chronic disorders such as colds, pharyngitis and others.

All dietary supplements bring specific nutrients, and have an intended main benefit for a particular usage or a specific need. Spirulinafor example is a product strongly measured in protein which also contains numerous vitamins and oligo-elements, thus it is perfectly adapted for sportsmen (particularly good for muscles) or even for vegetarians.

Spirulina, a product strongly concentrated in proteins, vitamins and oligo-elements, thus is perfectly adapted for intensive sports practices.

Goji  berry however, is exceptionally packed with vitamin C ensuring vitality and physical shape. Directly produced in the Tibetan valleys, these small berries particularly help in lowering the cholesterol level effectively.

Our quality commitments

  • A contribution to the sustainable development: all dietary supplements are obtained directly from producers.
  • A single intermediary: Valebio.com is your ideal health partner.
  • Products are100 % natural: none added, no boosted production process. The adamancy of our products’ quality is our utmost desire.
  • Our products are packaged in France by us or by handicapped workers (ESAT). Dietary supplements are carefully stored, at room temperature.

The opinion of our customers

“I am practicing the triathlon for ten years now and since I discovered the spirulina, I found out that my abilities are considerably larger"
Pierrick, Blackcurrant, in 2014

" After a long period of stress I understood that a healthy lifestyle will help me to be successful in my work and in the management of my family life, I began using Goji berry and felt healthier being in a better shape quickly"
Chantale, Corèze, in 2012

Les avis de nos clients

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